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8,000+ members of the publishing community wrote the #KidLit4Ceasefire letter to Biden months ago. 100s of days later, the genocide in Gaza has only worsened. We’re making our demands clear again that we call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. #gaza #ceasefirenow

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Over 8,000 members of the children’s publishing community have come together to call for an immediate ceasefire and for humanitarian aid to be let in to help the 1 million Palestinian children and their families who are facing a mass genocide in Gaza and the West Bank by the Israeli government.

Below is our letter urging President Biden to call for a permanent ceasefire and our signatures. Since this letter was drafted in January of 2024, over 1,000 more children have been killed.

Dear President Biden,

We’ve come together as children’s authors, illustrators, agents, editors, and other publishing professionals across the U.S. and beyond who have witnessed the indiscriminate bombing and ground invasions of Gaza by Israeli forces over the last 100+ days. These attacks have resulted in more than 31,000 Palestinians killed. 12,000 of these victims are children of a median reported age of five years old (1). Thousands more Palestinian children still remain buried in rubble and are unaccounted for. This is an impossible number to comprehend for anyone who honors the sanctity of life.

It is estimated that Israeli forces have destroyed 70% of homes (2) and displaced 85% of the population in Gaza (1). Approximately one million children are without shelter, food, and safety as a result of Israel’s military dropping over 65,000 tons of bombs in Gaza (3), targeting civilian homes, hospitals, holy places, and educational facilities. The U.S. government has provided 15,000 bombs to Israel, along with $3.8 billion a year in military funding paid with our tax dollars (4).

Thousands of Palestinian children have been permanently disfigured, with over 1,000 suffering the amputation of one or more limbs, in an area half the size of Austin (5). It is estimated that 10 more children undergo amputations without anesthesia with every passing day (6). In addition, Israeli forces have used white phosphorus (7), an internationally banned chemical weapon, to inflict burns so severe that doctors have not been able to treat them properly given the scarcity of medicine under the Israeli blockade on Gaza. As a group of Palestinian kids shared in their own press conference held outside Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Nov. 7, 2023, “The occupation is starving us. We don’t find water, food, and we drink from the unusable water. We come now to shout and invite you to protect us … We want to live as the other children live.” It is likely that at least some of these children pleading for their lives have been killed in the attacks since, as the Israeli military kills a Palestinian child every 10 minutes (8).

At the time of this writing, journalists in Gaza, more than 110 of whom have been killed by targeted sniper attacks and bombings, have risked their lives to report that Gaza’s last functioning hospital is under attack. All in the middle of a telecommunications blackout that has left Palestinians unable to even call for first responders. Social reports have shown that Palestinian children are dying not only from their injuries, but also from cardiac arrest and seizures due to traumatic stress and exhaustion as bombs rain down on them all day and night long. They are dying of hunger, thirst, cold, cancer, and other pre-existing illnesses (9). Furthermore, premature babies relying on incubators and other vulnerable patients are dying because the Israeli government has cut off Gaza’s electricity and fuel supply (10). The children of Gaza are in desperate need of humanitarian and medical aid to survive. So many children have lost their entire families that a horrific new designation “Wounded Child, No Surviving Family (WCNSF)” has officially been coined by the UN as a result of this unprecedented violence in Gaza.

UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell has clearly stated: “Children at high risk of dying from malnutrition and disease desperately need medical treatment, clean water and sanitation services, but the conditions on the ground do not allow us to safely reach children and families in need . . . Some of the material we desperately need to repair and increase water supply remain restricted from entering Gaza. The lives of children and their families are hanging in the balance. Every minute counts.”

As children’s publishing professionals, we create our work for the sake of all the children in the world–without exception. Our collective conscience compels us to call for our leaders to protect the most vulnerable and precious members of our global society. We oppose Israel’s mass killings, with the vastly documented intent to destroy all Palestinian people (11). These actions clearly constitute acts of genocide, as reported in the irrefutable case brought by South Africa at the International Court of Justice, and must be treated as such. We are deeply alarmed that you’ve blocked a ceasefire that would have stopped these killings at the UN, bypassed Congress twice to send Israel $253.5 million in additional weapons last month (12), and requested another $14.3 billion in weapons to be used in these mass killings.

We are adding our voices to the widespread call from U.S. Congress members, UN General Assembly, WHO, UNICEF, Jewish Voice for Peace, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, The International Committee of the Red Cross, and many other organizations — along with millions of U.S. citizens. As advocates for children, we demand that you, the President of the United States, along with the U.S. Congress, immediately join the leaders worldwide who are calling for a permanent ceasefire in order to safeguard the future of every Palestinian child still living in Gaza and the West Bank, as children in Gaza have grown up trapped under siege all their lives — to give them a chance at the joy and freedom that every child around the world deserves.

There is undoubtedly an immensely long road of healing for the one million children in Gaza and their families who have been reduced to human collateral since the tragedies of October 7th, ones that we also grieve. Our deepest desire now is that the children and all civilians affected are immediately allowed the chance to start healing. Every minute counts.

President Biden, we call for a PERMANENT CEASEFIRE NOW and an end to the siege on Gaza.

Below are the signatures of the 5,650+ out of the over 8,000 authors, illustrators, editors, agents, other publishing professionals, librarians, teachers, and readers who publicly support this letter. The full list of signatures has been mailed and emailed to President Biden and select Congressmembers.














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A. C. Fitzpatrick
A. C. Knight
A. Fate
A. K. Hathaway
A. K. Lim
A. M. Martinez
A. Moro
A.A. Aaronow
A.B. Lane
a.d. wills
A.J. Locke
A.L. Graziadei
A.M. Strickland
A.M. Weald
A.P. Scheiderer
A.R. Vale
Aaliya Jaleel
Aamna Qureshi
Aaron Bagley
Aaron H. Aceves
Aaron Renier
Aashna Avachat
Abby McGrath
Abby Y.
Abdelrahman Barakat
Abhi Alwar
Abi Cushman
Abi Moore
Abigail Gray Swartz
Abigail Guerrero
Acree Graham Macam
Ada Nnadi
Adalyn Grace
Adam Gudeon
Adam Mansbach
Adam Sass
Addie Tsai
Addie Woolridge
Addy Lopez
Adelina Mears
Adi Alsaid
Adib Khorram
Adiba Jaigirdar
Aditi Khorana
Adlin J. Kennedy Torres
Adrian Tkaczyk
Adriana Gutierrez
Adriana Hernández Bergstrom
Adriana M. Martínez Figueroa
Adriana Puntriano
Adriane Tsai
Adrianna Cuevas
Adrianna Schuh
Adrianna Snyder
Adrianne White
Adrienne Tooley
Afreen Hoque
Afrika Afeni Mills
AG Rodriguez
Agnes Monod-Gayraud
Agustin Macias
Aida Salazar
Aiden Thomas
Aimee Lim
Ain Heath Drew
Airen Hall
Aisha Saeed
Aislinn Brophy
Aissa Mutiara Putri
Aiyana DeNoyelles
Aiyana Masla
Akshaya Raman
Alaa Al-Barkawi
Alan Udai Dalloul Dalul
Alaya Dawn Johnson
Alba Vargas
Ale Nachtigal
Alechia Dow
Aleema Omotoni
Alejandra Garcia
Aleksandra Marciniak
Alena Bruzas
Alex Brown
Alex Gino
Alex Graudins
Alex Lakej
Alex M. Nájera
Alex Ritany
Alexa M. Cortez
Alexander Emerson James
Alexandra Maria Landeros
Alexandra Overy
Alexandra Villasante
Alexia Malouf
Alexis Castellanos
Alexis Hatcher
Alia Hawa
Aliaa Betawi
Alica McKenna Johnson
Alice McCall
Alice Nuttall
Alicia Jasinska
Alicia Vivinella Mumtaz
Alina Khawaja
Alisa Harris
Alison Durazo
Alison Green Myers
Alixa García
Aliya Ghare
Alleanna Harris
Allene Davis
Alli Brydon
Alliah L. Agostini
Allie Therin
Allison Saft
Alysa Wishingrad
Alyssa Bermudez
Alyssa Reynoso-Morris
Alyssa Roat
Alyssa Wong
Amal Barghout-Karzai
Amalia Capo
Amalie Jahn
Amanda Badillo
Amanda Baehr Fuller
Amanda Castillo
Amanda Denney
Amanda Ebner
Amanda Foody
Amanda Hollander
Amanda Howell
Amanda J. Ellis
Amanda Joy
Amanda Linsmeier
Amanda Lovelace
Amanda M. Helander
Amanda Spell
Amanda Woody
Amanita Rose
Ambalila Hemsell
Amber Chen
Amber Cohen
Amber Fawn
Amber McBride
Amber Roberts
Amber Wood
Ameer Ghanem
Amel Yousuf
Amelie Ahern-Williams
Amélie Legault
Amelie Wen Zhao
Amie Jordan
Amina Derbi
Amira Hamdi Khair
Amitha Knight
Amparo Ortiz
Amy Goldsmith
Amy Jane Lehan
Amy Leow
Amy M. Miller
Amy Matsushita-Beal
Amy Noelle Parks
Amy Phelps
Amy Reed
Amy Sahir
Ana Aranda
Ana Crespo
Ana Siqueira
Anahita Karthik
Anam Iqbal
Ananya Devarajan
Anastasia Ledyaeva
Anastasia Magloire Williams
Anden Wilder
Andrea Alice From
Andrea Bachmayer
Andrea Beatriz Arango
Andrea Bell
Andrea Cruz Floren
Andrea Hoff
Andrea Miller
Andrea Parijs
Andrea Pippins
Andrea Rinaldi-Perez
Andrea Robertson
Andrea Rogers
Andrea Tsurumi
Andrea Wang
Andrew Hacket
Andrew Joseph White
Andrew McDonald
Andrew Yufeng Wang
Andy Greene
Andy Passchier
Andy Vinh Nguyen
Ang Hui Qing
Angel Solorzano
Angela Dalton
Angela Hsieh
Angela Iacono
Angela Montoya
Angeli Rafer
Angie Isaacs
Angie Thomas
Anika Aldamuy Denise
Anis Mojgani
Anjali Chanda
Anjum Mir
Anka Jhangiani
Ann Terreros-Martin
Ann Zhao
Anna Battese
Anna Colasanti
Anna Harber Freeman
Anna Hunt
Anna Lloyd
Anna Margrethe Kjærgaard
Anna Meriano
Anna Ouchchy
Anna Sortino
Anne Broyles
Anne Ursu
Anne Wynter
Annelise Whitley
Annette Christie
Annie Cardi
Annie Carew
Annie Herzig
Anthony Nerada
Antje Hosseinzadeh
Antwan Eady
Anya Samukova
April dela Noche Milne
Ar-Em Bañas
Ara J. Lani
Araceli Pascual Jover
Arayne Haaser
Ari Tison
Aria Jayne
Ariana Ferrante
Ariel Aberg-Riger
Ariel Vanece
Arielle Genevieve Corsetti
Aron Nels Steinke
Arriel Vinson
Art Twink
Arthur Cabezas
Arushi Avachat
AS Crowder
Asaf Luzon
Asela Lee Kemper
Ash C.
Ash Nouveau
Ashanti Wilkins
Asher Caswell
Asher Greyfield
Ashlee Borders
Ashlee Latimer
Ashley Benham-Yazdani
Ashley Hawthorne
Ashley Herring Blake
Ashley Lukashevsky
Ashley Poston
Ashley Thayer
Ashley Thompson
Ashley Woodfolk
Ashly White
Ashlynn Andersen
Ashyle Jordan
Asma Wahab
Asmaa Hussein
Asry Ayu Andini
Aubrey Unemori
Audrey Goldberg Ruoff
Audrey H. Weber
August Zhang
Autumn Allen
Ava Reid
Aveen Khalid
Axel Santiago
Axie Oh
Aya Grant
Aya Khalil
Ayana Gray
Ayida Shonibar
Azalea Crowley
Azalea Dunn
Azalia Suhaimi
Azra Rahim
B. Sharise Moore
B.C. Matthews
Bailee Pip Wren
Bailey Knaub
Bambi Sanders Ramsey
Bao Phi
Barbara Dessi
Barbara Lieberman
Barbara Vasquez Cruz
Barbara Zofia Le Nart
Bayana A. Davis
Beatriz Contreras
Becca Washburn
Becklan Blackthorn
Becky Albertalli
Becky Scharnhorst
Belen Medina
Ben Blair
Benjamin Kissell
Bessie Maria Flores Zaldivar
Beste Filiz
Beth Reichmuth
Beth Stevens
Bethany Baptiste
Bethany Hensel
Bethany Mangle
Bethany Matson
Bethany Morse-Thompson
Betty Larrea
Betül Koçyiğit
Bianca Araújo Izidoro
Bidisha Das
Binglin Hu
Birdie Schae
Birdy Kane
Birukti Tsige
Blair Cousins
Blake Nuto
Blayre Ruth Caprice Turnwald
Blythe Russo
Bonnie Pipkin
Booki Vivat
Boon Carmen
Branden Boyer-White
Brandi Ziegler
Brandon Doughty
Brandon Hoang
Breanna Carzoo
Breanna J. McDaniel
Bree Paulsen
Bren MacDibble
Brenda Hershey
Brenda Vaca
Brenda Winter Hansen
Brendan Kiely
Brendan Ryan
Brenna Rose
Bri Eberhart
Brian D. Kennedy
Brian Young
Briana G.
Briana Miano
Briana Vallene
Brianna Clark
Brianna Peppins
Brianna Shrum (Whitrock)
Bridget George
Bridget Morrissey
Bridget Weldon
Brie Spangler
Britnee Meiser
Britney Lewis
Brittany Frizzelle
Brittany J. Thurman
Brittany Jasper
Brittany Johnson
Brittany M. Willows
Brittany N. Williams
Brittney Arena
Brizida Magro
Brooke A. Bellamy
Brooke Boynton-Hughes
Brooke S.
Brooke Smart
Brooks Benjamin
Bryana Saldana
Bryant Dill
Busayo Matuluko
C.J. Subko
Cait Jacobs
Cait Kealey-Swenson
Caitlin Caudle
Caitlin Donovan
Caitlyn Notaro
Callie Rowland
Cam Montgomery
Camey Yeh
Camilla Raines
Camille Chong
Camille Gomera-Tavarez
Camille Montilino
Camille Roos
Camille Vieira Rodrigues
Camryn Garrett
Candice Iloh
Caris Avendaño Cruz
Carla España
Carly Brown
Carly L. Heath
Carlyn Greenwald
Carmen Wood
Carol Fisher Saller
Carole Lindstrom
Carolina Cruz
Carolina J. Góvar
Caroline Cullinane
Caroline Hu
Caroline Kaufman
Caroline Kusin Pritchard
Caroline Lavoie
Caroline Sophia Hamel
Carolyn Doremus
Carolyn Paplham
Carolyn Tara O’Neil
Carrie O’Neill
Carson Ellis
Carter Higgins
Casey Jane Satterlund
Cass Biehn
Cassandra Belka
Cassandra Ramos-Gomez
Cassidy Edens
Cat Aquino
Cat Winters
Catarina Sobral
Cate Storey
Caterina Splete
Catherina Tseng
Catherine Bakewell
Catherine Egan
Catherine Hernandez
Catherine Yu
Cathleen McAllister
Cathy Camper
Cathy Linh Che
Catia Chien
Catrina Bell
Cayla McMullan
Cecil Canfield
Ceilidh Newbury
Cèilidh Williams
Celeste Lecesne
Celeste Pewter
Celia Krampien
Chad Lucas
Chantel Pereira
Char Young
Charlene Smith
Charles George Esperanza
Charlie Jane Anders
Charlot Kristensen
Charlotte (C.S.) Malerich
Charlotte Foster
Charlotte Gwendowlyn Wilson
Charlotte Hayward
Charlotte Lillie Balogh
Charlotte Nicole Davis
Charlotte Sherman
Charlotte Sullivan Wild
Charnaie Gordon
Chase Phillips
Chatham Greenfield
Chaz Harris
Cheli Mennella
Chelsea Abdullah
Chelsea Hollerud
Chelsea Mann
Cheryl Rainfield
Chiara Colombi
Chisom Enelamah
Chloe Feldman Emison
Chloe Gong
Chloe Spencer
Chloe Terrell
Chloé Varin
Chris Baker
Chris Dowdall
Christen Randall
Christi Playford
Christiane Andrews
Christina Hammonds Reed
Christina Madueno
Christina Soontornvat
Christine Day
Christine Derr
Christine Evans
Christine Goss
Christine McArdle
Christopher lehr
Christopher R. Muscato
Christy Mandin
Ciera Burch
Cifre Velasquez
Cindy Cole Bennett
Cindy Harris
Claire Forrest
Claire J. Wen
Claire Legrand
Claire Winn
Clara Aguado
Clara Gilod
Clara Kumagai
Clare Edge
Clare Robertson
Claribel Ortega
Claudia Davila
Claudia Gray
Cláudia Marques
Claudia Mills
Cleonique Hilsaca
Cleopatria Peterson
Codie Crowley
Cody Daigle-Orians
Colby Wilkens
Colton Mashek
Connie Glynn
Cordelia Jensen
Corinne Morier
Costanza Miccichè
Courtney Gould
Courtney Leigh Johnson
Craig Farmer
Craig Montgomery
Cristina Fernandez
Cristina Lalli
Crystal Jayme
Crystal Maldonado
Crystal Siegmann
CS Perryess
Cyan Thomas
Cyana Zola
Cyncere Payton
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Cynthia Nugent
Cynthia Platt
Cynthia Yuan Cheng
D. Guthrie Adams
D. Miles
Dahcia Lyons-Bastien
Dakota Jackson
Dallas Winston and Phone Guy
Damian Pilarte
Damian Saavedra
Dan Nott
Dan-ah Kim
Dana Choe-Murray Draper
Dana Mele
Dana Williams
Dana Wulfekotte
Daniel Hunter
Daniel J. O’Brien
Daniel James
Daniel José Older
Daniel Mauleón
Daniel Thomas Dyer, Chickpea Press
Daniel Valenzuela Garcia
Daniel Vandever
Daniella Graner
Danielle D.
Danielle Davis
Danielle Franklin
Danielle Young
Danny Brooke Carden
Dano Moreno
Dara Ollman
Darcy Marks
Darian Rudderham
Darshana Khiani
DaVaun Sanders
Dave Scheidt
Daven McQueen
David Alexander Elikai
David Bowles
David C.
David Curtis
David Ocampo
David Okigbo
David Ray
David Wulatin
Davina A. Hisari
Davina Tijani
De Elizabeth
DeAndra Davis
DeAndra Hodge
Deb JJ Lee
Debbi Michiko Florence
Debbie Fong
Debbie Gonzalez
Deborah Crossland
Debra Renée Byrd
Deema Alawa
Deirdre Harder
Dejana Salaj
Delia Ruiz
Delilah Frost
Desirée M. Niccoli
Dest Gonzalez
Deva Fagan
Devin McSherry
Devon Holzwarth
Devon J. Hall
Devyn Douvier
Devyn Hansen
Dhonielle Clayton
Dia Valle
Diana Ma
Diana Pinguicha
Diana Urban
Diana Willett
Dimitrea Tokunbo
Dinalie Dabarera
Dion Anja
DJ Whitfield
Dominic Rascati
Dominique Davis
Don P. Hooper
Dona Rachel
Dorian J. Sinnott
Dorian Rasheed
Doruntina Beqiraj
Douglas D. Meredith
Duc Huy An
Duncan Baader
Dylan Meconis
E. D. Watson
E. Katherine Kottaras
E.A. Neeves
E.A. Osborne
E.B. Goodale
e.E. Charlton-Trujillo
E.K. Barnes
Ebony LaDelle
Ebony Mudd
Eda French
Eddie Louise
Eden Appiah-Kubi
Edward Andres Dennis
Edward Traub
Eenam Vang
Eija Sumner
EJ Croll
Elaina Olvera
Elaine DeBohun
Elaine Reed
Elaine Tai
Elana Mugdan
Elayna Mae Darcy
Elba Luz
Eleanor Davis
Eleanor Glewwe
Elena Greer
Elena Holje Lange-Nielsen
Elena Sichrovsky
Eli Estella
Eli Shaida
Elian J. Morgan
Elif Öztürk
Elisa A. Bonnin
Elisa Stone Leahy
Elise Meder
Eliza Chan
Eliza Kinkz
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Elizabeth Acevedo
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Byrne
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Ella Kociba
Ella Romero
Ella Svan
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Elle Grenier
Elle Machray
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Elle Porter
Elle Samhain
Elle Tesch
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Ellen Goodlett
Ellen Hagan
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Elliot Cheetham
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Elysia Case
Eman Mouneimne El Ayoubi
Ember Richardson
Emelda De Coteau
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Emma Akerman
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Emma FitzGerald
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Emma Ilene
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Emma Pearl
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Emmarose Alef
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Emmet Cameron
Emmy Vega
Eren Russo
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Erika Ayala
Erika Ilumin Wahlberg
Erin Callahan
Erin Cotter
Erin Entrada Kelly
Erin Hahn
Erin Luken
Erin Rose
Erin Yun
Erynne Hundley
Esme Symes-Smith
Estrela Lourenço
Ethan Garrity
Eugene Myers
Eugenia Vazquez Canjura
Eva Goldfarb
Evaline Horng
Evan Burgess
Evangelene Alaraj
Evelyn Rogers
Evelyn Sue Wong
Ezra J. Wayne
Ezra Rider
F.M. Aden
Fadima Mooneira
Faith Kazmi
Faith Pray
Falon Ballard
Farah Girach
Farah Naz Rishi
Farai D. Harreld
Farhad Khadim
Faridah Abike-Iyimide
Farrah Penn
Fatin Liyana
Fatmata Jalloh
Federico Erebia
Fern Hogg
Fernanda Costa
Fida Hurlock
Finn Bain
Fiona Cook
Fiona Gannon

Fiona Hansen
Florence Sunoo
Foz Meadows
Frances Dilworth
Francesca Flores
Francesca Tacchi
Freya Blackwood
Freya Carolan
Freya Finch
G. Cooper
g. haron davis
G. Marie
G.M Primm Jr.
G.T. Korbin
Gabby Rivera
Gabe Cole Novoa
Gabi Snyder
Gabriela Houston
Gabriela Lanza
Gabriele Davis
Gabriella Crivilare
Gabriella Svenningsen
Gabriella Vides
Gabrielle Balkan
Gabrielle Bonifacio
Gaby D’Alessandro
Gaia Cornwall
Gail D. Villanueva
Gama Valle
Gary R. Gray Jr.
Gayatri Sethi
Genesis Camilo
Genevieve Bormes
Genielysse Reyes
George Jreije
Georgia Reeves
Georgie Lee
Georgina Bollom
Georgina Kiersten
Ghabiba Weston
Gia Gordon
Gigi Griffis
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Gloria Muñoz
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Greg van Eekhout
Greg Wands
Gretchen V.Hansen
Greyson Riley
Gwen Cole
Gwen Mitchell
Gwendolyn Wallace
H.J. Goldstein
H.M. Bouwman
Hadiyah Sama
Haidyn Sosalla-Bahr
Hailey Alcaraz
Hailey Schade
Hailey Walters
Hal Schrieve
Haleigh Diann
Haley Stewart
Hali Hyland
Halle J. Minick
Hanaa Walzer
Haneen Oriqat
Hanna Alkaf
Hanna Cha
Hannah Bess Ross
Hannah Boehme
Hannah Darrah
Hannah Krueger
Hannah Moushabeck
Hannah Salyer
Hannah V. Sawyerr
Hannah Westphall
Hannah Wheeler
Hanuel Lee
Harjit Singh
Haruka Aoki
Hasan Mahmood
Hatem Aly
Haydee Zayas-Ramos
Haylee Hackenberg
Hayley Dennings
Hayley Diep
Hazel Rain
Hazem Nassar
Heather Gallagher
Heather Levy
Heather Parker
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Hester Fox
Hiba Tahir
Hien Nguyen
Hina Imtiaz
Hoda Omran
Hollie Puterbaugh
Holly Black
Holly Pelletier
Holly Race
Hoss (JNTjr)
Huda Al-Marashi
Huda Fahmy
Humera Malik
Husna Siddiqi
I. Bray
Ibi Zoboi
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Inda Ahmad Zahri
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Ingrid Drexler
Innosanto Nagara
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Irsa Baloch
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Isaac Hess
Isabel Agajanian
Isabel Galupo
Isabel Millán
Isabel Quintero
Isabel Sterling
Isabel Strychacz
Isabella Kung
Isi Hendrix
Itrat Nazar
Ivy Noelle Weir
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J Elle
J. Albert Mann
J. Cordelia
J. Elizabeth Mills
J. Michael Iddins
J.A. Moy
J.C. Lillis
J.D. Mills
J.L. Comes
J.P. Takahashi
J.R. Creaden
J.R. Dawson
Jacinta Lou
Jack Cotolo
Jackie Azúa Kramer
Jackie Collins
Jackie Khalilieh
Jackie Morera
Jacob Devlin
Jacob Kramer
Jacoby Salcedo
Jacqueline Barnes
Jacqueline West
Jacqueline Woodson
Jade Adia
Jade Zhang
Jaime Temairik
Jameeleh Shelo
James McCartney
James Ramos
Jamie D’Amato
Jamie Jo Hoang
Jamie Ofelia
Jamie Tafoya
Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
Jamison Shea
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Janae Marks
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Janet Isralsky
Janet Ji Yae Paik
Janet Sumner Johnson
Janice Milusich
Janna Morton
Jarrard Raju
Jas Hammonds
Jashar Awan
Jasmine Abraham
Jasmine Bell
Jasmine Bond
Jasmine Danzy
Jasmine Smith
Jasminne Mendez
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Jenna Voris
Jennifer Acevedo
Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Chen
Jennifer Howard Kicinski
Jennifer Kay
Jennifer Parks
Jennifer Potter
Jennifer Shiman
Jennifer Thermes
Jennifer Universe
Jennifer Ziegler
Jenny Alvarado
Jenny L. Howe
Jenny Torres Sanchez
Jeremmy Torres-Pagan
Jerrold Connors
Jes and Cin Wibowo
Jesenia Chavez
Jess Hernandez
Jess Hong
Jesse Joshua Watson
Jessi Pitts
Jessica D. Allred
Jessica Daqamsseh
Jessica Ferrara
Jessica Fries-Gaither
Jessica J. Ayala
Jessica James
Jessica Joyce
Jessica Juskus
Jessica Khoury
Jessica Kluthe
Jessica Love
Jessica Mack
Jessica Munoz
Jessica Patrick
Jessica Penner
Jessica Plummer
Jessica Ralli
Jessica S. Olson
Jessica Shea
Jessica Spotswood
Jessica Stowe
Jessica Townsend
Jessica Verdi
Jessica Yoon
Jessie Sima
Jessie Thomas
Jessika Fleck
Jessixa Bagley
Jett Elijah
Jill Baguchinsky
Jill labieniec
Jill Tew
Jillian Graves
JJ Clapton
Jo Cotterill
Jo Knowles
Jo Weaver
Joan He
Joanna Ho
Jocelyn Martinez
Jodie Evans
Jodie Garnish
Joe O’Neill
Joel Rochester
Joelle Wellington
Joey Athens
Joey Silkey
Johanna Taylor
Johanny Ortega
John Capetanos
Jonell Joshua
Jonny Garza Villa
Jordan Ashby
Jordan B. Seltzer
Jordan Bloom
Josh Mangeshig Pawis-steckley
Josh Sippie
Joshua Bruckner
Journey Norton
Joy Ang
Joy Dawood
Joy Hwang Ruiz
Jude Lee Baet
Judy Campbell-Smith
Judy Fernandez Diaz
Judy I. Lin
Jules Arbeaux
Jules Ober
Julia Denos
Julia Floit
Julia Hettiger
Julia LaChica
Julia LaFond
Julia Louise Simpson-Urrutia
Julia Lynn Rubin
Julia Walton
Julian DeWeese
Julian Randall
Julian Winters
Juliana Motzko
Julie Abe
Julie C. Dao
Julie Chavez
Julie Jarema
Julie Robine
Julie Rowan-Zoch
Juliet Alexandra Menéndez
Juliet Thomas
Julijana Ralević
Julio Anta
June CL Tan
Justin Colón
Justin Ho
Justine Pucella Winans
Jyothi Dmello
Jyoti Rajan Gopal
K-Fai Steele
K. A. Collings
K. Jamila
K. Johnstone
K. M. Enright
K.A. Wiggins
K.B. Winecap
K.T. Lawrence
Kacen Callender
Kaden Umana
Kah Yangni
Kaifi Jamil
Kailei Pew
Kait Weaver-Smith
Kaitlyn Abdou
Kaitlyn Hill
Kaitlyn Myers
Kala Elizabeth
Kalie Cassidy
Kalie Reid
Kalyn Josephson
Kameron Brooksmoore
Kamilah Cole
Kamilla Sjodin
Kane Lynch
Kanupriya Goyal
Kaos Emslie
Kara A. Kennedy
Kara Jorgensen
Karah Sutton
Karen Bao
Karen Ginnane
Karen Koh
Kari Allen
Kari Percival
Karina Nicole González
Karina Yan Glaser
Karis Rogerson
Karuna Riazi
Kasper Diller
Kasper Kuss
Kat Cho
Kat Dunn
Kat Norton
Kat Schneider
Kat Thibault
Katarina Jovanovic
Kate Berube
Kate Claxton
Kate Cochrane
Kate Dramis
Kate Eberle
Kate Finley
Kate Fussner
Kate Hannigan
Kate Isabel Foley
Kate Jackson
Kate Jenks Landry
Kate Koenig
Kate Norris
Kate Pearsall
Kate Pino
Kate Rafiq
Kate Schatz
Kate Sweeney
Katelin Levy
Katelyn Pockett
Katherine Burke
Katherine Harbour
Katherine Locke
Katherine Wallace
Katheryn J. Avila
Kathleen Glasgow
Kathryn Coffey
Kathryn Coto
Kathryn R. Green
Katie Bailey
Katie Bender
Katie Gast
Katie L. Carroll
Katie McNamee
Katie P. Streit
Katie Pugliese
Katie Schaefer
Katie Schenkel
Katie Slivensky
Katie Turner
Katie Wu
Katrina Godfrey
Katryn Bury
Katta Kid
Kaua Māhoe Adams
Kavita Rajput
Kay Costales
Kayla Cottingham
Kayla DeGennaro
Kayla Foster
Kayla Joy
Kayla Miller
Kayla Whaley
Kaylani Juanita
Kaylie Smith
Kaylie Tucker
Keala Kendall
Kealani Netane
Keekee Smith
Keila Dawson
Keila Sachi Gaballo
Keisha Okafor
Keishionna Rucker
Keith Van Norman
Kellie DuBay Gillis
Kellington Leary
Kelly Andrew
Kelly Bjrok
Kelly Coon
Kelly Coons
Kelly DiPucchio
Kelly Fernández
Kelly Gardiner
Kelly Hack
Kelly Jones
Kelly Mangan
Kelly Webber
Kelly Zhang
Kelsea Yu
Kelsey Fox Bennett Boyd
Kelsey Rodkey
Kelsi Silva
Kelsy T.
Kendall Wack
Kendy Gable
Kennedy Cannon
Keshe Chow
Kesley Thymoti da S. C.
Kevin Shah
Khaighnen white
Kharyl Anne Piano
Khushboo Patel
Kiana Cano
Kiana Krystle
Kieran Jane
Kieren Dutcher
Kika Hatzopoulou
Kikelomo Sanni
Kiku Hughes
Kim Baker
Kim de Haan
Kim Fleming
Kim Johnson
Kim Spencer
Kim Walker
Kim-Hoa Ung
Kimani Lauren
Kimberly Heise
Kimberly Latrice Jones
Kimberly Lee
King Reinhardt
Kip Alizadeh
Kip Wilson
Kira Douglas
Kirsten Thompson
Kirsten V Harper
Kit Seaton
Kiyoshi Parker
Kosoko Jackson
Krista Bergren-Walsh
Kristen R.Lee
Kristen Remenar
Kristin Gray
Kristin jones
Kristin Monteith
Kristin Osani
Kristin Richland
Kristin Ziemke
Kristina Forest
Kristine virsis
Kristy Boyce
Kristy Everington
Ky Fabre
Kyla Tucaya Garcia
Kyle Light
Kyle Lucia Wu
Kyle Lukoff
Kylee Kidder
Kylie Lee Baker
Kylie Schachte
Kylie Wiggins
Kyo Maclear
Kyra Fisher
Kyra Johnston
Kyra Nelson
Kyrie McCauley
L.V Hernandez
Laekan Zea Kemp
Laila Rifaat
Laila Sabreen
Laila Taji
Lala Watkins
Laleña Garcia
Lamia Mitchell
Lamonte Shaw
Lane Clarke
Laney Gaughan
Laura Atkins
Laura Babiuk
Laura Beeby
Laura Moher
Laura Parnum
Laura Pegram
Laura Q. Jimenez
Laura Ruby
Laura Spicer
Laura Steven
Laura Taylor Namey
Laura Wetherington
Laura Williams
Laurel Flores Fantauzzo
Laurel Goodluck
Laurel Snyder
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Gilmore
Lauren Karcz
Lauren Magaziner
Lauren Semmer
Lauren Song
Laurie Halse Anderson
Laurie Morrison
Laurin Mayeno
Lawrence Lindell
Layla Fallah
Layla Raz Hanson
Leah Bauer
Leah Johnson
Leah Stecher
Leanna Renee Hieber
Leanne Schwartz
Learon Inbar
Lee Paige O’Brien
Leigh Luna
Leigha Garcia George
Leila Boukarim
Leisl Adams
Leita Lord
Lena Merhej
Lenny Chen
Leslie Connor
Leslie Vedder
Leta Patton
Leticia Hernández-Linares
Letizia Vasconi
Levi Hastings
Lex Frank
Liann Zhang
Lianne Pflug
Lil Miss Hot Mess
Lili Paradis
Lilibeth Jimenez
Lilliam Rivera
Lillian Marcoccia
Lilly Lu
Lily Anderson
Lily Flowers
Lily Williams
Lin Thompson
Lina Chen
Linda M. Crate
Lindsay Blevins
Lindsay Brents
Lindsay Eagar
Lindsay H. Metcalf
Lindsey Leigh
Lindz Amer
Linh S. Nguyễn
Lino Quartz Ward
Lio Min
Lisa Anchin
Lisa Jenn Bigelow
Lisa Krok
Lisa Moore Ramee
Lisa Stringfellow
Lisa Super
Liselle Sambury
Lish McBride
Lissette Norman
Liv Morris
Liz Climo
Liz Prince
Lizzie Augustine
Lloris Johanson
Logan Blanco
Logan-Ashley Kisner Kisner
Lois Barker
London Shah
Loni Edwards
Lore Austin
Loren Davis
Loretta Chefchaouni
Lori D.
Lorian Merriman
Lorrie Oshatz
Louangie Bou-Montes
Louie Stowell
Louise No
Lourdes Apresa
Loveis Wise
Lovi Goyal Yu
Luci Damon-Davis
Lucia Judinova
Lucille Abendanon
Lucy Knisley
Lucy Ryan
Lucy Saxon
Lucy Sun
Luka Anthony James Lee
Lulia Hito Fakhoury
Lum Chi
Luna Morada, Author
Luzara Antonini Almeida
Lydia Gregovic
Lydia Kang
Lyla Lee
Lyndsay Ely
Lynn Scurfield
Lynne Kelly
Lynne Rae Perkins
Lyssa Mia Smith
M. García Peña / Mia García
M. K. England
M. Suárez Rodríguez
M. T. Khan
M.J. Beasi
M.L. Marr
Macky Pamintuan
Madalyn Drewno
Maddie Martinez
Maddox Lindsay
Madeleine Gunhart
Madeleine Roux
Madeline McGrane
Mae Coyiuto
Mae McLean
Maelan Holladay
Maelle Doliveux
Maeva Decembre
Magali Robidaire
Maggie Ryan
Maggie Tokuda-Hall
Mahfoudi Chiraz
Mahogany L. Browne
Mahtab Rohan
Mai Kakish
Maia Kobabe
Malaka Grant
Maleeha Siddiqui
Malgosia Krol
Mallory Jones
Mangetsu Ame
Manisha Tirelli
Mar Romasco-Moore
Mar Zamora
Mara Williams
Marcella Bell
Marcia Argueta Mickelson
Marcie R. Rendon
Marcos Quiroga Quiroz
Margaret Chiarelli
Margaret Greanias
Margaret Owen
Margie Fuston
Margot Fisher
Margot MacKechnie
Margot Wood
Marguerite Dabaie
Maria Ingrande Mora
Maria José Fitzgerald
Maria Tureaud
Mariah Peelle Sotelino
Mariam Quraishi
Mariama J. Lockingto
Maricruz Hernandez
Marielle Thompson
Mariely Lares
Marietta Apollonio
Marina Carreira
Marina Zlatanova
Marisa Kanter
Marisa Melo
Marisa Taylor
Marisa Urgo
Marissa Eller
Marissa Spear
Marissa Tindell
Mariyah Evans
Marja Graham
Mark Oshiro
Markelle Grabo
Marla Frazee
Marliegh Smith
Marnie Norton
Marqquan Makadji
Marques Edwards
Marta Alacevich
Martha Brockenbrough
Martha Wells
Maru Ghanem
Mary Annaïse Heglar
Mary Averling
Mary Cunningham
Mary E. Roach
Mary Hayes
Mary Lundquist
Mary P. McCall Pineda
Mary Purdie
Mary Stillwell
Mary Winn Heider
Mason Deaver
Mat Heagerty
Matt Aytch Taylor
Matt Faulkner
Matt Wiegle
Matteo L. Cerilli
Matthew Hubbard
Matthew Quinn Martin
Matti Martinez
Maura Lee Bee
Maureen Charles
Maureen Crisp
Maureen Johnson
Max Temescu
Maxi Rodriguez
Maxine Kaplan
Maxwell Joy Moore
Maya Ameyaw
Maya Gittelman
Maya Myers
Maya Prasad
Maya Smith-Gonzalez
Maya Tatsukawa
Maysa Odeh
Mayumi Shimose Poe
Mazey Eddings
McKenzie Young
Meenal Patel
Meera Sriram
Meg Long
Meg Petrillo
Megan Bontrager
Megan Carleton
Megan Cooley Peterson
Megan Kamalei Kakimoto
Megan Mahoney Megan Mantione

Megan Murphy
Megan Pamela Ruth Madison
Meggie Ramm
Meghan Borders
Mel Click
Mel Darmawan
Mel Howard
Melanie Conklin
Melanie Gillman
Melanie Lee
Melanie Pacheco
Melanie Scheller
Melanie Sumrow
Melati Lum
Melike Dadak
Melinda Beatty
Melissa Fernandez
Melissa Gardner
Melissa Karibian
Melissa Mazzone
Melissa McCommon
Melissa Reyes
Melissa Sarno
Melissa Tomjanovich
Melissa Yue
Melissa-Jane Fogarty
Melody Hughes
Melody Iza
Melody Simpson
Melody Thio
Melody Tsang
Mercedes Petrilla
Meredith Adamo
Meredith Steiner
Meriam Metoui
Meridth Gimbel
Mia P. Manansala
Mia Pierce
Mia Tsai
Michael Corbyn Romero
Michael Eric Evitts
Michael Gray Bulla
Michael Leali
Michael X. Ferraro
Michaela Goade
Michaela Woelk
Michelle Andreani
Michelle Asheyra
Michelle Cerone
Michelle Cusolito
Michelle J.
Michelle Jing Chan
Michelle Kulwicki
Michelle Nutter
Michelle Peñaloza
Michelle Rembert
Michelle Wanasundera
Michelle Wanasundera
Miguel Camnitzer
Mika Song
Mikayla Bridge
Mike Curato
Mike Jung
Mike Vago
Mimi Cole
Mindy Yuksel
Mingqian Zhang
Minh Lê
Miranda Harmon
Miranda Paul
Miriam Cortinovis
Miriam Zoila Pérez
Misa Saburi
Misha Popp
Mishy Wang
MK Brownlow
MK Lobb
MK Pagano
Mk Smith Despres
Mo Netz
Moira Hawthorne
Molly B. Burnham
Molly Brooks
Molly Chang
Molly Harris
Molly Murakami
Mona Damluji
Mona Tewari
Mónica Mancillas
Monique Duncan
Monique Tutton
Monisha Bajaj
Moon Rose
Moon Wright
Morgan Baden
Morley Shanti Kamen
Moustapha Mbacké Diop
Myisha Haynes
N. Griffin
N. H. Senzai
N.E. Zinaya
N.H. Senzai
Naaz Khan
Nada S. Dutka
Nadia Salomon
Nadine Presley
Nadira Alom
Nafiza Azad
Nahid Khan
Naiiera Wageeh Eldebsy
Najat Mahboub
Nakia Pickering
Namita Moolani Mehra
Nanu Xu
Naomi Ansano
Naomi Giddings
Narjis Sheikh
Naseem Jamnia
Nashae Jones
Natalia Figueroa Barroso
Natalia Wi
Natalie C. Parker
Natalie D.C.
Natalie Menacho
Natalie Nelson
Natalie Oldham
Natan “Intecognita” Faustino da Silva
Natasha B. Padhiar
Natasha de Gracia
Natasha Diaz
Natasha Effendy
Natasha Hastings
Natasha Khan Kazi
Nathalie Alonso
Nathaniel Luscombe
Naureen Hoque
Navdeep Singh Dhillon
Navjot Kaur
Ned Wolfe
Neo Schmid
Neptune M. Yada
Ness Brown
Nevien Shaabneh
Nez Riaz
Nguyen Louie
Nia Lee
Nicholas Perez
Nichole Donovan
Nick Abadzis
Nico G.
Nicola Penfold
Nicole Avereyn
Nicole D. Collier
Nicole Georges
Nicole Lesperance
Nicole M.
Nicole Moon
Nicole Wheeler
Nicolette Penaranda
Nicoly Campos
Nidhi Chanani
Nikki Shannon Smith
Nikki Stinson
Nilah Magruder
Nina Berry
Nina Chapman
Nina Crittenden
Nina Hamza
Nina Leemreize
Nina Moreno
Nina Sharma
Nina van der Voorn
Nina Varela
Nino Cipri
Nisha Ligon
Nisha Sharma
Niyla Farook
Noa Denmon
Noah Hawthorne
Noah Hayes
Noah Sweet
Noha Eilouti
NoNieqa Ramos
Nora Holmes
Nora Lester Murad
Noreen Mughees
Nouha Deliou
Nouri Rivers
Nova Ren Suma
Novi Eka Nurrohma
Nurul Hidayati
Nusha Ashjaee
Nyasha Williams
Nydia Armendia-Sanchez
Nylah Monroe
Oliver Inácio
Oliver Walstrom
Olivia A. Cole
Olivia Abtahi
Olivia Elle
Olivia Worley
Ollie Middlebrooks
Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich
Omar Abed
Opie Snow
Oriel María Siu, PhD
Orion O’Connell
Orpheus Clark
Owen Freeman
P. Angel Marie Rogers
P. Carter
Page Getz
Pamela Courtney
Pamela Delupio
Pamela Nunez Trejo
Pan Cooke
Parker Lee
Parmeet Arora Bori
Parsa Javid
Pascale Lacelle
Pat OConnor
Patrice Caldwell
Patricia Awad
Patricia Benito
Patricia J. Murphy
Patty Wurster
Paul Jeong
Paula Gleeson
Paula Stokes
Peggy Collins
Penelope Glas-Gerdes
Penni Russon
Percivale J. Anthony
Peter Cardall
Peter Lopez
Peter Pearson
Peyton Thomas
Phoebe Kobabe
Phoebe Wahl
Piper White
Poppy Solomon
Preeti Chhibber
Prerna Pickett
Priscilla Gilman
Priyanka Taslim
Putri Nandari Elman Astadipura
Qamar Abdul-Raheem
Qin Youngdale
Qing Zhuang
Quinn Miller Murphy
Quintessa Knight
R Silverwood
R. Y. Potapenko
R.K. Ashwick
R.M. Romero
Raahat Kaduji
Rachael A. Edwards
Rachael Allysa
Rachael Lippincott
Racheal Moreno
Rachel Bostick
Rachel Horwitz
Rachel Kiderchah
Rachel Kitch
Rachel Lucie Gregg
Rachel Marsh
Rachel Michelle Wilson
Rachel Morris
Rachel Stine
Rachell Abalos
Rachelle Cruz
Rachelle Raeta
Rachelyn Gordon
Racquel Marie
Rad Xeaxe
Radhiah Chowdhury
Rahma Mohamed
Raidah Shah Idil
Raina Hassan
Raina Telgemeier
Rameen Khan
Rana Tahir
Randy Ribay
Rania Hanna
Ransom Riggs
RaQia Lowo
Raquel Vasquez Gilliland
Rasha Hamid
Rashmi Bismark
Rati Mehrotra
Raven Traylor
Ravynn Stringfield
Ray Plum
Ray Stoeve
Rayeana Smith
Raynar Rogers
Ream Shukairy
Rebeca Ramos
Rebecca Ann
Rebecca Ann Villarreal
Rebecca Burgess
Rebecca Coffindaffer
Rebecca Danzenbaker
Rebecca Jane Hoenig
Rebecca Kim Wells
Rebecca Mahoney
Rebecca Petruck
Rebecca Pitts
Rebecca Podos
Rebecca Sky
Rebecca Timmis
Rebecca Yarros
Rebeka Kross
Rebekah Borucki
Rebekah Bowman
Rebekah Faubion
Rebekah Nelson
Reece Delaney
Reem Faruqi
Reese Campbell
Regina Wilson
René Peña-Govea
Renee Kurilla
Renée Reynolds
Reno Hunter
Rhonda Roumani
Rhys KF
Richard Kadrey
Richter Witte
Rick Riordan
Ricky Tiki
Rie Neal
Riley Redgate
Riley’s Desk
Rina Priyani
Rio Cortez
Rios de la Luz
Robert Liu-Trujillo
Roberto Corralez Andrade
Robin Easter
Robin Gow
Robin Wasley
Rochelle Hassan
Roldi Unnr Magallanes
Romy Mazier
Roni Simon
Ronique Ellis
Ronni Davis
Ronnie Riley
Ronnie Vazquez
Rory Power
Rosalia Scalia
Rosalyn Eves
Rose Bousamra
Rose Marie Walano
Rosie Cordier
Rosie Gonce
Rosie Knight
Rosiee Thor
Rowan Everlast
Rowena Aiello
Roxanne Noel Quinn
Roy L. Pickering Jr.
Roya Shahidi
Roza Esterhazy
Ruby Martinez
Rukhsanna Guidroz
Rukman Ragas
Ruth Forman
Ruth Goring
Ruth McGurk
Ryan Dobrowski
Ryan La Sala
Rylan Becker
S. A. Hoque
S. A. Rodriguez
S. Isabelle
S. J. (Sam) Taylor
S. Jae-Jones
S. K. Ali
S.A. MacLean
S.C. Bandreddi
S.E. Fleenor
Saadia Faruqi
Saara Mahomed
Sabaa Tahir
Sabina Nordqvist
Sabina Wong
Sable Lawrence
Sabrina Kleckner
Sabrina Russell
Sabrina Xia
Sacha Lamb
Sadaf Alam
Sadaf Ali
Sadaf Siddique
Sadia Aboutalib
Safa Ahmed
Safa Suleiman
Safiya Zerrougui
Sage Groves
Sagirah Shahid
Saharnaz Shahin
Sahra Koshin
Saira Mir
Saki Tanaka
Sally Sultzman
Saloom Ali
Salsabila Putri Widia
Sam Jones
Sam Streed
Sam Van Dine
Samantha Edwards
Samantha M. Lee
Samantha Manguiat
Samantha Scarborough
Samantha Vitale
Samantha Youssef
Samara Cole Doyon
Samira Ahmed
Samira Iravani
Sammy Savos
Sana Fayyaz
Sana Rafi
Sanae Ishida
Sandhya Acharya
Sandra Dieckmann
Sandra Dumais
Sandra Gonzalez-Mora
Sandra Proudman
Sara Levine
Sara Ahmed
Sara Fajardo
Sara Gustafson
Sara Kuhns
Sara Patel
Sara Pittock
Sara Ryan
Sara Solara
Sara Wolf
Saraciea J. Fennell
Sarafina El-Badry Nance
Sarah Albee
Sarah Alfarhan
Sarah Armstrong
Sarah Dass
Sarah Diabi
Sarah Dvojack
Sarah Evans-Price
Sarah Gailey
Sarah Gowayed
Sarah Hollowell
Sarah J. Mendonca
Sarah Jacoby
Sarah Jean Horwitz
Sarah Kapit
Sarah Kettles
Sarah Kourkejian
Sarah Kurpiel
Sarah L. Hawthorn
Sarah Marchese
Sarah Marie Jette
Sarah Mughal Rana
Sarah Perkins
Sarah Prager
Sarah Sharif
Sarah Surgey
Sarah Sweeney
Sarah Tolcser
Sarah Whalen
Sarah Yung
Sarvenaz Tash
Sarwat Chadda
Saundra Mitchell
Savanna Durr
Sayada Ramdial
Sayantani DasGupta
Scott Mooney
Scott Norman
Scott Westerfeld
Seema Yasmin
Seetha Dodd
Selena Thor
Selma Alkhaled
Sendy Santamaria
Seraph Abell
SF Layzell
Shabana Hussain
Shalini Bahl
Shanice Gayle
Shanna Miles
Shannon A. Thompson
Shannon C.F. Rogers
Shannon Griffin
Shannon Szczepanski
Shannon Wright
Shar Khan
Shar Tui’asoa
Sharada Keats
Sharee Miller
Sharon Hajj
Sharon Langley
Shawn Amos
Shawna Avanessian
Shayna Grissom
Sheena Boekweg
Sheena Kamal
Shelbi Graham
Shelby Bennett
Shelby Lynne Walker
Shelly Anand
Shepard DiStasio
Sheryl Gwyther
Shifa Saltagi Safadi
Shing Yin Khor
Shireen Hakim
Shirin Shamsi
Shirley Ng-Benitez
Shivana Sookdeo
Shoshana Grauer
Shouka Rohanizadeh
Shruthi Rao
Sidra Naseer
Sienna Lara
Sierra Isley
Signe Jeremiason
Sim Kern
Siman Nuurali
Sita Jit
Skye Quinlan
Skyla Arndt
Skyler Schrempp
Slesa Adhikari
Sofia Robleda
Sojung Kim-McCarthy
Sona Avedikian
Sona Charaipotra
Sonia Battrell
Sonia Belasco
Sonia Hartl
Sonja Cherry-Paul
Sonora Reyes
Sophia Brinton
Sophia Ezomoghene
Sophia Hannan
Sophia Slade
Sophie Beer
Sophie Gonzales
Sophie Page
Sophron James
Soumi Roy
Spencer Ayvas
Spencer Hall
Spike Harris
Srishti Lulla
Srividhya Venkat
Stacey Manos
Stacy S. Jensen
Stefani Tran
Stefany Valentine Ramirez
Steffi Walthall
Stella Haglund
Stella R. Marys
Steph Kent Scott
Steph Mided
Stephanie Burgis
Stephanie J. Scott
Stephanie Ruble
Stephanie Seales
Stephen A. Bramucci
Stephen Baker
Steve Thueson
Steven Opalenik
Steven Weinberg
Stiles Pascal
Subia Ali
Sudesna Samanta
Sue Ganz-Schmitt
Sujin Witherspoon
Suleikha Snyder
Sumedha Kota
Summer Weber
Sunny Davis
Sunshine Bacon
Susan Dennard
Susan ElYazgi
Susan Kimmel Wright
Susan Lee
Susan Marie
Susan McDonough Wachtman
Susan Muaddi Darraj
Susan Tan
Susannah Aziz
Susannah Crispe
Susie Ghahremani
Susy Chavez
Suzanne Walker
Swapna Haddow
Swati Hegde
Sydney Bronaugh
Sydney Langford
Sydney Paige Guerrero
Sydney Williams
Syeda Sadeka Rahman
Sylvia Chen
Sylvia Riley
Sylvia V. Linsteadt
Sylwia Koziel
T A Chan
T Thorn Coyle
T. Bianca
T. N. Whitaker
T.C. Thurley
Tabitha Wagner
Tae Keller
Tahereh Mafi
Tala el-fahmawi
Tala Furniss
Talcott Broadhead
Talia Klopfenstein
Tamara Haque
Tamara Maswoswe
Tamla Young
Tanaz Bhathena
Tanisha Cherislin
Tanvi Singh
Tanvi Talwar
Tanya Guerrero
Tapiw Dzingai
Tara Brown
Tara Sim
Tashi Saheb-Ettaba
Tashia Hart
Tashie Bhuiyan
Tasslyn Lesley Magnusson
Tatiana Schlote-Bonne
Taylor Grothe
Taylor Pitts
Taylor Theis
Taylor Tracy
Tee Franklin
Teresa Ho Robeson
Teresa Roman
Teressa Raiford
Terisa Siagatonu
Terri Trimble
Terry J. Benton-Walker
Tess Sharpe
Tess Sullivan
Tessa Barbosa
Tessa Gratton
Tessa Layne
Theo Kotenka
Theo M. Jones
Thi Bui
Tia Greenlee
Tiana Nobile 문영신
Ticus Le Faune
Tiffany White
Tiffany Golden
Tiffany Jackson
Tiffany Jewell
Tiffany Liu
Tiffany Schmidt
Tiffany Ticianeli
Tigest Girma
Tim Kleyn
Timmy Woitas
TJ Alexander
Tommy Delk
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Megan Zor
Megha Bamola
Meghan Barbay
Meghan Morgan
Meilani Wilson
Mel de Oliveira Souza Akatsuka
Mel Hall
Melanie Church
Melanie McDowell
Melinda Farmer
Melissa Bowler
Melissa Sloan
Mendal Diana Polish
Michele Cummings
Michelle Young
Milo Santamaria
Mina Leazer
Miranda Mann
Mollie Hall
Molly Vore
Mona Tabbara
Morghan Leigh Rogers
Murilo Moura Sarno
Nadia Franklin Ruth Raye
Naja Morris
Nancy Paulette
Nancy Smith
Nancy Wentworth
Naomi House
Natalia Rivera-Hernandez
Natalie Orozco
Natasha Forrester Campbell
Ness Shortley
Neyda Cujcuj Xoyon
Nichole Snyder
Nicole A. Stone
Nicole Betancourt
Nicole Lee
Nicole Marie Gervasio
Nike Desis
Nikki Formolo
Nikki Rhodes
Nina Sanborn
NIsha gupta
Nishat Ahmed
Nur Athira
Olga Cortes
Olivia Ascione D’Elia
Olivia Moon
Olivia Ortiz
Olivia Weight
Oriana Miles
P. Jasa
Paige Mendenhall
Paola Romero
Patrick Gall
Pia C. Ledina
Qismat Zaahir
Raaven Hairston
Rachael Graves
Rachel Boyle
Rachel Ellsworth
Rachelle Ashour
Raeven Cruz
Raven Griffin
Rebecca Canova
Rebecca Friedland
Rebecca Roe
Rebecca Todd
Reiko Ando
Remy Steven Campbell
Ren Olson
Renée Bedard
Renn Gutierrez
Renuka Sharma
RH Torres
Rhea Mathews
Richard Swope
Rolando José Rodríguez De León
Rosa R.
Rosalyn Rivera
Roseann Saah
Roswell Kaybee
Roxanne Guzman Vargas
Ruben F. Juarez
Ruth Robbins
Sabine Williams
Sabrina Wallace
Safa Hourani
Sam Dill
Samantha Emerine
Samantha Ingerson
Samia Estassi
Sandra Belat
Sandra Sunshine Williams
Sara Conway
Sarah Altmann
Sarah C Matherly
Sarah Elaine Collins
Sarah Gayman
Sarah Jane Rawlinson
Sarah Khatami
Sarah Lindsay
Sarah Van Snellenberg
Savannah Brasher
Savannah Steblein
Scott Businsky
Sebastian DeTemple
Shannon B. Walker
Shannon Baer
Shauna Mulligan
Shayna Lambert
Shea Bodine
Sheena Sisk
Shilpa Jacobie
Shmee Giarratana
Shonna Hensley
Shreena Niketa Gandhi
Siarra Powers
Sid Barker
Sierra Bellinger
Sophie Morgan
Stacey Shapiro
Stefanie Heisdorf
Stephanie Arar
Stephanie Cariaga
Stephanie Wong
Stephen V DelVecchio
Summer Dablan
Summer Nahogyil
Sydney Jean-Baptiste
Sydney Lawson
Sydney Leong
Taliyah Shepard
Tasha Nins
Tasneem Alomari
Teresa Miller
Teresa Silva
Tessa Sayre
Tina L. Skiver
Tisha Mentnech
Tobi Sarah Waldron
Úrsula Túa Santiago
Valerie T.
Vania Galindez
Verity Sturm
Vi Kwartler
Victoria Coleman
Victoria Estrada-Martinez
Victoria Palmatier
Viktoria Eriksson
Violet Fox
Whitney Bates
Whitney Hatfield
Yesenia Lepe-Aguilar
Yousef Arar
Yvette Reid
Zaidee Everett
Zainab Khan


A Kate Wood
A Struthers
A. S. Indarso
A. Terzieva
Aa’liyah Green
Aaron Frank Gherdol
Aayah Khanfar
Abbie Day
Abbie Queener
Abbigale Overbay
Abby G.
Abby Reid
Abbygail De Leon
Abhinav Dey
Abie Bowers
Abigail Hinojosa
Abigail LaBranche
Abigail Raine Williams
Abigail Schafer
Abigail Walsh
Ace A. Bani
Adda Ridzduan
Addy La
Adedoyin Temilade Aishat
Adela Bustamante
Adelaide Ries
Adrian Jacob S. Genodepa
Adrian Miller
Adrian Mora
Adriana Ortiz
Adysen Asclipiadis
AF Eichelberger
Affie McRae
Afra Ahmed Syed
Afshan Haqqi
Agita Leitane
Aika Adamson
Ailsa Calya Kasyfatul Mahjubiyah
Aimee Gallentine
Aimen Nadeem
Ainhoa Talampas
Aisha M.S.Siddiqui
Aiza Qazi
AK Rey
Akaila Jones
Akhila Sriram
Akow Ibrahim
Akram Ansari
Alaa Alshawi
Alanna Spiller
Alba Medina
Alberto Villarreal
Alder Lin Yang
Aleigh Brock
Alejandra Amaro
Alejandra Bolanos
Alejandra Varela
Alejandro Rico
Aleksah T Menefee
Alessandra Dreyer
Alex Berg
Alex Butterworth
Alex Hieronymus
Alex Hill
Alex Larson
Alex Lybrand
Alex Moss
Alexa Sanchez-Nava
Alexander Sanberg
Alexandra Deianira
Alexandra Johnson
Alexandra Smith
Alexandra Tigue
Alexandra Valentin
Alexandria Axt
Alexandria Lupercio
Alexandria Perone
Alexandria Steppe
Alexane Dubois
Alexia Grantham
Alexia Michelle O’Donnell
Alexis Hernandez
Alexis Hurtado
Alexis Player
Alexis Preston
Alexis Wyse
Alexus Rhodes
Ali Berns
Ali Nebistinsky
Alice Scott
Alicia Anderson
Alicia Avila
Alicia Tan
Alicia Wroblewski
Alienor Soumahoro
Alika Rahma Fitria
Aline Berlofa da Silva
Alisha Russell
Alison Birkitt
Alissa Langguth
Aliyana Louise Thomas
Allison Costantino
Allison Vazquez
Allison Watkins
Ally Russell
Allyson Fisher
Alma beydoun
Alora Dart
Aly Garcia
Alyson Lefevre
Alyssa Cather
Alyssa Frace
Alyssa Garbien
Alyssa Jamieson
Alyssa Merrick
Alyssa Pillar
Alyxandriah Knight
Amadeusz Lipinski
Amal Hammoudeh
Amanda Crozier
Amanda Ivory
Amanda Jacobson
Amanda Mercado
Amanda O’Kelly
Amanda Roche
Amanda Rowe
Amanda Vargas
Amar-Kareem Guimba
Amari Doucette
Amber Biglin
Amber Cardenas
Amber Lloyd
Amber Medley
Amber Ramirez
Amber Taber
Amber Taylor
Ambreen Zehra Kazmi
Ameerat Idris
Amelia Gonzalez
Amelia Lorenz
Amelia Nuñez
Amelia Podgorska
Amena Khan
America Arenas
Ami A.
Amina Kangiwa
Amira Kessem
Ammarah Williams
Amna Mansha
Amoni Smith
Amruta Bahirwade
Amy Brabenec
Amy Foley
Amy Groesbeck
Amy Harteveld
Amy Henrikson
Amy Montegriffo
Amy N. Montes
Amy Renzulli
Amy Young
AmyLynn Nelson
Ana Buendia
Ana Lamanna
Ana Ruiz
Ana Shamsi
Analiese Granados
Ananya Gupta
Andrea C. Sánchez
Andrea Ramirez
Andrea Rose Dolezal
Andres Cabrera
Andrew Carbaugh
Andrew McGee
Andrew Sword
Angel Diaz
Angel Macias
Angela Bagwell
Angela Candela
Angela Cardo,o
Angela Marco-Aylsworth
Angela Plugues
Angelana Marie
Angelia Borski
Angelica Delgado
Angelida Herr
Angelika Schwartz
Angelina Dolores Garcia
Angelina R Bustos
Angeline Befitel
Angie Landers
Ani Sloane
Ania Dudziuk
Ann Manley
Ann Marie Krulick
Anna Júlia de Alcântara Lira
Anna Perkins
Anna Sallee
Anna Schmidt
Anna Vlassova Njie
Anna Weniger
Anna-Sophia Leuck
Annabel Joyner
Annabelle Everett
Annachiara Ceraso
Annan Zarin Ashraf
Anneka Bell
Annette Beltran
Annisa Rahma
Antoinette Viaje
Antonella Favata Camiolo
Antonia Gomez Hernandez
Antonia Mendoza
Anya Mahal
April Abdella
Arden Giachetti
Aria Foster
Aria Harvey
Ariadna Baijén
Ariana Larios
Ariana Page
Ariana Suzanne Thelen
Arianne Z.
Ariel Chilton
Arthur L Henecke
Arya Solter
Aryana Parker
Aryanna Gomiller
Aryela Souza
Aseel Abdallah
Ash Lange
Ash Meyer
Ash Waller
Ashanti Moore
Asher Chang
Ashlen Duhon
Ashley Alexy
Ashley DeLuca
Ashley Dougherty
Ashley Friend
Ashley Hall
Ashley Haugsjaa
Ashley Kraemer
Ashley Power
Ashley Waide
Ashley Ward
Ashley Wood
Ashna Nadesan
Ashton Stephen Claybrook
Ashwin Rachha
Asnorah Amat
Aster Rose Powell
Atar Mohamed
Athena Redfern
Atiq Ahmed Binbaz
Auberne’ R. Fox-Hughes
Aubrey Lewis
Audra Vann
Audrey Christian
Audrey Dingler
Audrey Douglass
Audrey Dunworth
Audrey Gally
Audrey Ida Schaps
Audrey Streun
Aurelio Gonzalez
Aurora Hernandez Calviño
Aurora Sandoval
Autumn Waldron
Ava Boland
Avery Christensen
Avery Lows
Avyana Moneymaker
Axl Carabas
Aya Mares
Ayesha M Khan
Ayesha Shafeeq
Azariah Marina
Azlina Wan Ismail
Azrina Aziz
B Douville
Bailey Boardman
Bailey Bocko
Bailey Shaffer
Bailey Wooldridge
Balqis Farea
Banka Schneider
Bara’ah Oriqat
Barbara Karney
Bassant Mahmoud
Bea Nguyen
Bear Lee
Beatriz Hernandez
Beck Mayhew
Becky Lederman
Bekah Guenther
Belinda Becker
Ben Saldivar
Benjamin Matthew McCardell
Benjamin Setiawan
Bess Nwachukwu
Bessan khalaf
Bethany christie
Bethany Skaggs
Betina Haenim Ahn
Betty Cheng
Bhairavi Chhibber
Bhuvan Raghavan
Bianca Balta
Bianca Tineo
Bianey Lara-Ambriz
Bintou Cisse
Bo Kinney
Bobbi Coyle
Bobby Harrell
Bora Chang
Braden Braden
Brahmani Velagapudi
Brandi Cedotal
Brandie Prince
Bre Surratt
Breanna B.
Breanna Ghazali
BreAnna Teeters
Breanne Kula
Brenda Morales
Brenna Lutzky
Brett Shumaker
Bria McKinney
Bria Parker
Briane S.
Brianna Andrade
Brianna Beminio
Brianna Holben
Brianna Lehtinen
Brianna Mcarthur Brown
Brianna O’Neal
Brianna Ortiz
Brianna Sowinski
Brianne Johnson
Briar Murphy
Bridget Droes
Brigette Bernhardt
Brigitte Delgadillo
Brittany Bouton
Brittany Nefcy
Brittany Speary
Brittany Tepora
Brittany Todd
Brittanye Law
Brittney Erin Kaiser
Brooke carroll
Brooklyn Johnson
Brooklyn Millott
Brooklyn Wickersham
Brooklynn Reid
Bruna dos Santos Moreira
Bryan Lamanna
Bryannah Basil
Brynn Sumsrs
Bug Koh
Butool Rizvi
Bya Founas
C. Conger
C. Conlon
Ca’Sonne Taylor
Cade Matson
Cafe Bartrom
Cait Rose
Caitlin Daniel
Caitlin DiDonna
Caitlin Nasworthy
Caitlin Reasor
Caitlin Richardson
Calleigh Baker
Callie Rogers
Cam Law
Camila Fontes Barbosa
Camila Venidis
Camille C. Hakansson
Camille Dupouy
Candela Suarez
Candi Rocha
Candice Louise Teal
Cara Brooke
Caridad Villegas
Carla Bazet Romero
Carla Piper
Carly Alessandro
Carly Maynard
Carol Rojas
Carolina Alveal
Carolina Rodrigues
Caroline Abidin
Caroline Makem
Caroline Meling
Caroline Sandleben
Carrie Bernstein
Casey Amaral
Casper-August Knight
Cassandra Howard McGreal
Cassandra Jones
Cassandra Ramirez
Cassandra Spillane
Cassandra Thompson
Cassiopeia Gatmaitan
Cat Miller
Catalina Millarea Vergara Gómez
Catharine Berret-Fornoff
Catherine Mackay
Catherine Palmer
Catherine Zara
CeCe Cronenberg
Cecile Kim
Cedric Taylor
Ceili O’Donnell-Field
Celeste Richards
Chaimaa allam
Chance Fawcett
Charleigh Rosae Lollar
Charlie Mae
Chelsea Clark
Chelsea Cole
Chelsea Gates
Chelsea Leatherberry
Chelsea Lloyd
Chelsea Sookra
Chelsea Waterman
Chesten Cantrell
Cheyanne DuPont
Cheyenne Spier
Chiara DeJoy
Chiara Mathews
Chloe Atkins
Chloe Fisher
Chloe Harris
Chloe Tudor
Chloe Zargarpour
Chris/Jax Hogan
Christelle Muller
Christian Das
Christian Jessie Cruz Campos
Christian Wilson
Christina Alicia Polite
Christina Beaulieu
Christina Matekel-Gibson
Christina Tesoro, LMSW
Christina Zambrano
Christine B.
Christine Swagerty
Christine Willis
Christy Wheeless
Ci Richardson
Cielo Maria Prischak
Citlalli Burgara
Claire Moody
Claire Owens
Clara Martorano
Clara Miller
Claudia Arellano
Claudia Cruz
Colby Webb
Cole Carrillo
Colleen Alabi
Colleen Ehlers
Connor B. Coker
Connor Bryant
Connor Flecha Monge
Corinna Florez
Courtney Bellamy-Provenzano
Courtney Falkowski
Courtney Reaume
Courtney Westlake
Courtney Williams
Courtney Wiren
Courtney Witten
Cova Garcia
Crainer J.
Crim Westbeld
Cristina Rosano
Cristina Marina Gutierrez
Cristina T.
Cristy Zermeno
Crystal Conrad
Crystal Labinski
Crystal Lê
Cydney R. Humphrey
Cynthia Romero
D. Klotz
D. Scott
Dakota Hemmings
Dalia Sarbolandi
Dallas Strong
Dana Fullerton
Dania Duran
Dania Romero
Dania Rusanov
Daniel Alfaro
Daniela Cortes
Daniela Kovacic
Daniella V.
Danielle A. Harris
Danielle Garcia-White
Danielle Heltzel Scott
Danielle Looney
Danielle Narrows
Danielle Schroeder
Danielle Wagner
Danijela Prince
Danika Goller
Daphne Ortiz
Dara Amott
Darby Huffaker
Daren Price
Darlene Piwonka
David Neighbours
Day Anderson
Dayang nurulroslinda Nordin
Dean Acevedo
Dean Todd
Debbie Henault
Deborah Alfaddaghi
Deborah Douglas
Deborah Rosenstein
Deemah Ahmed
Deena Amireh
DeLaina M. Stacey
Delinyo Liefden
Delphine Beckett
Denise Oro
Desiree Francesca Vieira
Destiny Mclachlan
Devion Anderson
Diana Romo
Dina Najjar
Dina Perez-Handy
Dina Salman
Divyaa Preet Kaur Dhinsa
Diya Beatriz
Dominic Davis
Dominique Marlow
Don Castro
Dorcas Ehon
Dounya Matar
Dr. Shoshana Aal
Dulce Mulvihill
Dunia Karzai
Durr e iman
E K Barnewitz
E. Lafargue
E. Rose
Eartha Swartz
Eddrial Smith
Edward Jakab
Elaha Aref
Elaine Bauer Trader
Elaine Dolalas
Eleanor Pablo
Elena Sczerzenie
Elianna Hartman
Elisa Kinsey
Elisha Klco
Eliška Sedláčková
Eliza M.
Elizabeth Benz
Elizabeth Burton
Elizabeth Bussard
Elizabeth Dunne
Elizabeth Meza
Elizabeth Sutton
Elizabeth Teyuca
Elle Lowery
Ellen Battle
Ellery Overstreet
Ellery Young
Elli Bloomberg
Ellis Van Miert
Elora Arding
Elyse Hickey
Elysse Sison
Em Cunningham
Em Raloff
Eman Al-Turk
Emilia Quinonez
Emilie Song
Emily Anne Brooke
Emily Bausher
Emily Bordelon
Emily Brochin
Emily Brooks
Emily Cash
Emily Dang
Emily Hall
Emily Hane
Emily J. Dumas
Emily Jette
Emily Kemp
Emily Kline
Emily LaPlant
Emily Meador
Emily Menacher
Emily Mooshian
Emily Moser
Emily Nunez
Emily Pukash
Emily Sidabras
Emily Staley
Emily Valdez
Emily Williams
Emily Young
Emma Crawford
Emma Farrell
Emma North
Emma Peck
Emma Phelps
Emma Santini
Emmah Doucette
Emme Scrivener-Thompson
Emmerson Preuss
Emmett Reed Chatelain
Emris Simon
Eric Holt
Erica Garbutt
Erica Waclawski
Erick Graziel Sabino
Erin Gassner
Erin Hartel
Erin Kingston-Jefferson
Erin McDonald
Erin Pruitt
Erin Tingler
Erin Walsh
Erin Whitney
Esha Shafiq
Esin Ucar
Esma Aserrar
Esme Taylor
Esperanza Vargas Macias
Estelle Hug
Estephania Garza
Estrella Page-Lopez
Ethan Piper
Ethan Smith

Ethan Z.
Eun You
Eva Colleoni
Eva Martinez
Eva Nguyen
Evan Cope
Evelyn Andry
Evelyn C.
Evelyn Park-Doob
Evelyn Putri Rahma Dinanti
Ezra Pelaez
Faatimah Patel
Faith Ghaemmaghami
Faith Josephs
Faith Santilla
Faiza Mehmood
Fanny Arhainx
Faris Dweik
Farzana Nasir
Fate Zayed
Fatemeh Novin
Fatima Ahmad
Fatima Aly
Fatima Jorge-Chavez
Fatima Mahomed
Fatima Pathan
Fatima Said
Fauzia Nusrat
Feberina Suhendra
Felicia Modin
Felix Cordova
Figbar Lonesome
Finn Taylor
Fiona Berry
Fiona McMaster
Firdous Khan
Flynn Ryder
Forest Nope
Fox Clark
Francesca Appice
Francesca Collotto
Francisco Cadete
Frankie Karnedy
Frida Martinez Jimenez
Frost Carter
Fry Plath
Fuschia Carter
Gabby Tovar
Gabriel Rivera
Gabriela Sandoval
Gabriela Santillanes
Gabriella Gray
Gabriella Wikidal
Gabrielle Domingues Silva
Gabrielle Frame
Gabrielle Thériault
Galen Kerrick
Genesis Griffin
Genesis Nicole
Genesis R. Gibson
Genny E. Richard
Georgina Lewis
Gia Worthy
Gianna Parisi
Ginger Williams
Giorgi Keppers
Gisele Garcia
Glenda Nelms
Gloria Ajalat
Gloria S Aguirre
Grace Connolly
Grace Guy
Grace Harris
Grace Kathleen Kenyon
Grace Sekulidis
Grace Wadell
Gracie Williams
Gregory Tedesco
Gretchen Elizabeth Ruff
Grey Papageorgiou
Greyson Schmitt
Guadalupe Herrera
Gudrun Erna Hognadottir
Guljan Nurmuradova
Gulzarjan Nurlyyewa
H McCauley
H. Angel
Hafeezah N.
Hailee Alvarez
Hailey Bourassa
Hailey O’Hern
Haley Cole
Hamza Awais
Haneen Abu-Shaar
Haniya Malik
Hanna Flick
Hanna M.
Hanna Scafe
Hannah A.
Hannah Backhaus
Hannah Caber
Hannah Crawford
Hannah Emad
Hannah F.
Hannah Fanning
Hannah Hadi
Hannah Harward
Hannah Hayes
Hannah Hendron
Hannah Lambert
Hannah Murphy
Hannah Rossen
Hannah Speno
Hannah Worth
Harvey Strong
Hawwaa Abdullah
Hayden Haubenstricker
Hayley Harris
Hazel Howarth
Heather Blakely
Heather Clemons
Heather De Wolf
Heather Johnson
Heather L Martin
Heather Rosa
Heather Sheridan
Heather Swenson
Heather Wells
Heba A.
Heidi Cautrell
Heidi Sheehan
Helen Guardado
Helena Riedmueller
Hena Tayeb
Henri Spence
Hilary Clark
Hilary Malveaux
Hilde Irene Stensrud
Hina Salim
Hindo Salad
Holly Kipp
Holly Mulligan
Holly Zarzecki
Holy Okenna
Hope Barber
Huda Irshad
Ian Martin
Ibtihal Mohamad Hasod
Idalia Adan
Igor Camoirano
Ilja Küh
Ilona Toth
Imogen Drew
Imran Rashid
India David
Induk Kim
Indy Ortega
Inza Butt
Irma Niza Jamal
Isaac Zaragoza
Isabel Chupka
Isabella Atencio
Isabella Haack
Isabella Kay
Isabella Nevlida
Isabella Salem
Isabelle Koester
Isabelle McDonald
Isabelle Murphy
Israel Armenta
Ivette Mir
Ivy Blake
Izzy Patten
J Sabreen
Jaana Jarrad
Jace Cox
Jack Mercedes Castillo
Jackie C. Laabs
Jackie Guevara
Jackie Vanderpuye
Jackie Vinkler
Jaclyn Hillis
Jacob Barclay
Jade Peterson
Jade Petroceany
Jade Scaffidi
Jaden Brown
Jadynn Veigel
Jaida Teague
Jake Schuler
James Gilbert
James Howland
James Sepiol
Jameson Hollybrook
Jamie Grimaldo
Jamie Johnson
Jamie N. Cruz
Jamie Wernlein
Janani Vaidya
Jane Hahm
Jane Kingswood
Janet Aleman
Janice Adam
Janis Laffin
Janis peebles Valdez
Jannette Aguirre
Jaslean ahuja
Jasmin Escobar
Jasmine Pelayo-Ryder
Javier García Gómez
Javier García Gòmez
Jawaria Tariq
Jayda Hamlet
Jayla Rhynes
Jayonna Richardson
Jazlyn Salazar
Jazmyn Jackson
Jean Holman
Jeannette High
Jeffrey Gordon
Jen Giron
Jen Keli Bautista
Jena Whisman
Jenn Byers
Jenna Brice
Jenna Davis
Jenna Henry
Jenna Materna
Jenna Smith
Jennifer Alvarez
Jennifer Deane
Jennifer Goss
Jennifer Leslie
Jennifer Lockwood
Jennifer Mansourian
Jennifer Nomura
Jennifer Rose Quintana
Jennifer W. Spirko
Jennifer Wilcox
Jenny Harris
Jenny Lane
Jeremiah Davis
Jeremiah Mangini
Jeromy Moore
Jess Lynn
Jess Nickerson
Jessica Arrieta
Jessica Carides
Jessica Cipullo
Jessica E. Mondy
Jessica Edwards
Jessica Evans
Jessica Felty
Jessica Hariprasad
Jessica Horton
Jessica Huete
Jessica Korver
Jessica L. Torgerson
Jessica Reohr
Jessica Roberts
Jessica Smith
Jessica Trottier
Jessica Truong
Jessica-Marie Fox
Jessie Matthews
Jewel Garcia
Jhoanna Belfer
Jie-Ying Phua
Jill Barber
Jillian Cooper
Jillian Drawdy
Jina Gregorio
Jo Anthony
Joanna M. Garcia
Joanna Szczepanek
Jocelyn Gilbert
Jocelyn MacAleese
Jocelyn Wagner
Jocelyne Lopez
Jodi Edwards
Jodie Mettler
John Hansen
John Tyler
Jolie Perea
Jonathan Jaidev
Jordan Bierbrauer
Jordan Fernandez
Jordan Lamb
Jordan Pescud
Joseph English
Josephine Haberditz
Josh Higham
Joshua R. Rios
Josie K Miller
Joyce Campbell
Judah Yi Song
Jude Barnhart
Judy Sadelden
Julia Skelly Hirst
Julian Gonzalez
Juliana Salazar
Julianna Carabetta
Julie Kosowski
Julieta Barbiero
Julieta Quintana
Justyn Gourdin
Juzilda Junus
K. Kovacs
K. McCurley
K. Seitz
K. Ware
K.A. Beestone
Kaaren Goeller-Bloom
Kadir Altuner
Kaeden Brinkman
Kaeden Hackney
Kaelyn Siller
Kaiden Alhamaid
Kailey Wise
Kailyn Glassmacher
Kaina Quenga
Kaitlin Moon
Kaitlin Scanlon
Kaitlyn Galloway
Kaitlyn Sass
Kakudji Simone Umba
Kalina Kostyszyn
Kamal Haqqi
Kamaron Scholl
Kannon Penelope Mai Hernandez
Kara Arnold
Kara Mowad
Karen Bailey
Karia White
Karin Ellis
Karin Gemeinhardt
Karina Ciprian
Karina Diaz-munoz
Karina F.
Karina Kim
Karina Monique Valdez
Karissa Tucker
Karla Gomez
Karli Caminiti
Karmen Jovanović
Kasey Lee Szamatulski
Kassiopia Ragoonanan
Kat Elmore
Kate Conner
Kate Gilbert
Kate Havas
Kate Rosewood
Kate S. Barbee
Kate Sause
Katelyn Gilgallon
Katharine LeBoeuf
Katharine Minard
Katherine Elizabeth
Katherine Gomero
Katherine Kehoe
Katherine Kline
Katherine Lee
Katherine Rappenecker
Katherine Schulthies
Katheryn White
Kathleen Decker
Kathleen J. Rojas
Kathleen Riley
Kathryn A Espinosa
Kathryn Lucille Bradford
Kathy Trithardt
Katie Bartles
Katie Nguyen
Kattia Luna
Katy Farries
Katy Kerby
Katy Teufel
Katya J. Sanchez
Kay Davidson
Kayden Loshbaugh
Kayla Berendt
Kayla Griffin
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Koval
Kayla Morris
Kayla N Stansbury
Kayla O’Connor
Kayla Rinaman
Kayla Taylor
Kayla Tronvold
Kaylee Betts
Kayleen Le
Kayleigh Barnes
Kayleigh Mortimer
Kayley Clothier
Keeya Zeiler
Kekayo Ewa
Kelly B. Warner
Kelly Brown
Kelly Elizabeth Welson
Kelly Newsome
Kelly Quintana
Kelsey Holt
Kelsey McCombs
Kelsey Miraglia
Kelsie Hohenberger
Kelsie Jo Rey
Kendal Hudspeth
Kendall Hughes
Kenneth Tyler Anderson
Kenzie Pascoe
Keri Heath
Keri Nieforth
Kerri Foxhill
Kerri Smith
Kerry Dunn
Kerry Kissinger
Kerry McManus
Kevin Nguyen
KG Mathews
Kia Buford
Kiana Hickey
Kiki z
Kiley Mackin
Killy Wenger
Kimberly Guillen
Kimberly Morris
Kimberly Villafañe
Kiran Zeeshan
Kirre Ranin
Kirsten D. Hawke
Kirsten Hogan
Kirsten Hunter
Kisha Green
Kit Ashley
Kit McCann
Kit White
KJ Schaaf
Klara Walles
Kourtney Eskins
Krista M.
Kristen Carter
Kristen John
Kristi Obane
Kristin Kulas
Kristin Wolkoff
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Kristina Evans
Kristina Fontes
Krystin McGee
Kubra Shirazi
Kurt Bair
KY Dold
Kyra Groves
Laci Felker
Lagra Newman
Laila Al-Agha
Laila Taslimi
Laine Parrish
Lamarcus M. Lenoir Jr.
Lanie Tibaldo
Lara Ecker
Lau Rogers
Laura A. Martin
Laura Kendall
Laura Lambiase
Laura May
Laura Patlan
Laura Puccinelli
Laura S.
Lauren Becker
Lauren Ford
Lauren Hildum
Lauren Levengood
Lauren Lightner
Lauren Porcello
Lauren R. Babcock
Laurianne Weaver
Laverne Oh Lavois
Layne Carter
Laynie-Rose Rizer
Leah Eister-Hargrave
Leah Griser
Leah Karge
Leah Smalley
Leanna Dawn Miller Marquez
Leanne Galvan
Leanne Poussadd
Leena Dbouk
Leena Salhab
Leena Suleiman
Leicy Ortiz-Jupiter
Lelia Emery
Lennon Dikov
Leslie Diaz
Leslie Phillips
Leslie René
Leslie S. R.
Lia Leinonen
Liam Cerone
Lien Giang
Lillian Marilyn Reimer
Lilliana Saito
Lilly Sparks
Lily Krall
Lily Matteson
Lily Nelson
Lily Rugo
Lily Saranto
Linda Dominique Vasquez
Linda Greaves
Lindsay Montiel
Lindsey Anderle
Lindsey Petrucci
Lindsey Pitman
Lindsey Rue
Lisa Bodo
Lisa Davis
Lisa Jackson
Liv Pemberton
Logan Greear
Lola Burmeister
Lorena Balderas
Lorena Birkner
Lorena Medina Danessi
Lori Clement
Lorie Barbee
Loryn Wheeler
Louise Willingham
Luanne Rodrigues Bonifácio
Lubaina Mohamedali
Luca Reyburn
Lucia Kelly
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Lucie Jeanne Carre
Lucien Bradley
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Lucy Flamm
Lucy Lusk
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Luisa Estrada
Lukas Gilbey
Lukas Ruhnow
Luke Funicella
Luma Muhtadie
Luz Cervantes
Lydia Tillman
Lynette Rose
Lysandra Fisher
Lyuba K Ardolino
Lyviasri DO Karunamorthi @ Aliya
Lzz Johnk
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M. Zaini
M.A. Crosbie
Mackenzie McCollick
Madds Ladd
Madeeha butt
Madeleine Crum
Madeline Schroeder
Madelyn Batty
Madi Taylor
Madison Caylor
Madison Jones
Madison Mooney
Madison Ortiz
Madison Rubottom
Madisyn Robinson
Magdalena Hernandez
Maggie Martin
Maha Alkarzon
Mahira Anwer
Mahnoor Baloch
Mai Le
Maile Zenner
Majeda Abbouchi
Majida Alkhatib
Maksura Akter Minha
Malachi F.
Malak Ashmawy
Malak Assaf
Malia Ramos
Malinda Ferris
Malva Glansholm
Mandi Magnuson-Hung
Manuel Enrique Rosa-Lara
Mar kummerman
Mara McCall
Marci Mudd
Marcie Trout
Marco Arzate
Mardi J. Bishop
Margaret Green
Margaret Hance
Margaret Sakka
Margaux Day
Mari Hino
Mari Sandahl
Maria Abney
Maria C. Jean-Baptiste
Maria Eduarda Lira Ferreira Gomes
Maria Fleitas
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Hart-Salinas
Maria J. Hart
María José Pinzon
Maria Juarez-Tapia
María Monserrat Urdiales Torres
Maria Mosqueda
Maria Zacarias
Mariah Graves
Mariam Abdelsayed
Mariana Calderon
Maribel Orea
Marie Johanson
Marieke Montgomery
Marilyn Martinez
Marisa Rivera
Mariselle Moscoso
Marisol Martinez
Maritza M.
Maritzelle Castillon
Mariya Shaikh
Marsh Hahn
Marta Zweber
Martha Mitiska
Martine Dherte
Marwa Seif
Mary Lewis
Mary Spellmam
Maryam Azeem
Maryam Rahmani
Maryam Zafar
Maryelizabeth Yturralde
Maryna S. Woods
Maryum Malik
Mathew Quitney
Matilde Ferreira
Mattius McPeek
Maura Cullinane
Mawlouda Soussi Temli

Max Roach
Maxwell Coffrin
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Maya Ramseier
Maya Velázquez
Maya White
Mayra Dwinal
McKenna Munholand
McKenna Neeman
Megan Bowes
Megan Culotta
Megan Field
Megan Knapp
Megan Mirnalini Sundaram R
Megan Rodewald
Megan Sumergido
Megan Tripp
Meghan Dowd
Meghan Fitzgerald
Mehak Shahzad
Mel Espaillat
Melanie McMillan
Melina Vasquez
Melissa Aldana
Melissa Garcia-Wright
Melissa Hayes
Melissa Jean Katcharian
Melissa Jean Tomlinson
Melissa Lee
Melissa Lucas
Melissa Santiago
Mercedes Drake
Meredith Coffman
Meredith H.
Meredith Wiemer
Merel Wijers
Merna Soliman
Meryl Wenger
Mi Lae Kim
Mia Cleran
Mia Gaines
Mia Orozco
Micaela Krusemark
Micaela Tore
Michael E. Heinsohn
Michael McKee
Michael Raj
Michaela Dukes
Michaela Reid
Michelle Badillo
Michelle Do-Schlimme
Michelle Goldshmidt
Michelle Healey
Michelle Huntsman
Michelle Medlock
Michelle Pinet
Michelle Rochniak
Michelle Trinidad
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Mikayla Kennedy
Mike Bartholomay
Mikey Lee
Mikolaj Kopielski
Milo Bakalars
Milo Fawkes
Mintra Panyadee
Mira Lotfy
Miracle Lynnette Beasley
Miranda Bandeli-Sabbagh
Miranda Intriago
Miranda McGhee
Miranda Pikul
Miranda Qassis
Mirella Hynek-Krämer
Miriam Diaz
Miriam Gonzalez
Mishaim Shahid
Mithzel Luque
MJ Swanson
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Molly Duplaga
Molly Penny
Molly Tansey
Molly Yates
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Morgan Sánchez
Morgan Soultz
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Mya Sanchez
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Nadine Harduarsingh
Naja Simbala
Najma Ahmed Hussien
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Nicole Plaza
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Nicole T. Cole
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Niki Anthony
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Nina Rochat
Nishtha Mathur
Nissa Shamiza
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Noemi Garcia
Noor A. Chaudary
Noora Ali
Nora Ranjha
Nosipho Ngubane
Nour Alkarzon
Nour Boughezal
Noura Mahmoud
Nowrin Afrin
Nur Firdausa Rasnan
Nur Hidayah Granada Abdullah
Nycia Browder
Nyla Breheny
Nyx M Granger
O. A. Adegbola
O. Anna Lopez
Oemniyah Mohammed Ashim
Olga Hobson
Oli Avalos
Oliver J. Dison IV
Olivia Billbrough
Olivia Castree-Croad
Olivia Cooley
Olivia Delgado
Olivia Hodsdon
Olivia Koller
Olivia Nielsen
Olivia Peterson
Olivia Prouse
Olivia Raway
Olivia Velez
Olivia Wilcots
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Ophelia Gischel
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Orin Shriver
Orlando Leyva
Oumayma Messaoudi
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Paige Robinson
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Parnika Jain
Patricia Brugioni
Patricia Herrera
Patricia Liu
Patrick Charles Barton
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Paula Atkeson
Paula Garcia
Paulina Perera-Riveroll
Penny Dobson
Penny Mann
Peregrine Hart
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Phoebe Cowart
Phoebe weber
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Priscilla Geesey
Puteri Nur Amalina Megat Iskandar
Putlih Emelisah
Quanisha McGruder
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Quinn Acoff
Quynh Nguyen
R. Addams
R. J. A. Kiernan
R. Kroenert
R. Moulana
Raagib Quraishi
Rabia Mahboob
Rachael Wettenstein
Rachael Wilson
Rachel Busch Jones
Rachel Granda-Gluski
Rachel Moriarty
Rachel Stebing
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Rafael Moraes
Rafia Waraich
Raihan El-Naas
Raimey Vuckovich
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Randa Zahr
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Rayene Redjem
Reanne Acridge
Rebeca Mayoral
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Rebecca Fisher
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Rebecca Manuel
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Rebecca Oronzo
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Rebekah Williams
Rebekka Drewes
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Reeddhi Ghosh
Refantie Meidina
Regan Bashara
Regina Gutierrez
Regina Kocsis
Regina Reyes
Reid Glynn
Reina Ignacio
Ren Culbreath
Renee Rhodes
Renee Runge
Renee V.
Rev. Drew Nix
Reyana Johnson
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Rhianna Shishani
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Riley Buell
Riley Grieves
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Rio Smith-Perez
Rio Thomas
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Robin Moffet
Robin S.
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Roslyn Chaplin
Rowan Romero-Diaz
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Rukia Abdullahi
Ruxandra Alexia Panait
Ryan Lindberg
Ryan Sheehan
Ryan Traff
Ryder Porter
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Safiya Najeeb
Sage Ancowitz
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Sai Khan
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Saira Hoda
Salma Elfata
Salma Sakr
Sam Beller
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Sara Siddiqui
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Sarah Larsen
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Sasha Rotem
Satar bin Sait
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Savannah Jones
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Sebastian Price
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Selina Moreno
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Shafia Syed
Shahnoor Niazi
Shaikh Javed Shaikh Jabbar
Shala Avans
Shams Saab
Shana Hardy
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Shannon Finnerty
Shannon M. Symonds
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Shannon Warren
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Sharron Alvarez Guerra
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Shayna Schreck
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Shelby Healy
Shelby Mefford
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Shianne Henion
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Shomla Begum
Sienna Carrillo
Sierra F. Knowler
Sierra Nathans
Sierra Rhodes
Sigourney Lee
Siobhan Alberts
Sirina Nagi
Siti Nur Hikmah binti Satar
Sky Crook
Skylar Wilson
Sobia Khan
Sofia B. Delgado
Sofia Di Flumeri
Sofia Green
Sofia Lee Macdonald
Sofía Perez
Sonia Esperanza
Sonia Ladino
Sonia Moin
Sonia Sicajau Quino
Soniya Tamang
Sono Yee
Sophia Blankinship
Sophia Csepreghy
Sophia Elliott
Sophia Mullins
Sophia Schiele
Sophie Khan
Sophie Nevin
Sophie Suberman
Sophie Yang
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Soumili Maity
Srinidhi Kotamraju
Stacey Deck
Stacy Perrou
Stefania Barabula
Stefanie Wilson
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Stephanie Anthony
Stephanie Borcea
Stephanie Gray
Stephanie Maier
Stephanie Najera
Stephanie Romero
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Tarbox
Stephen Hohendorf
Stephen V. Kobasa
Stephen Walter Evans
Stina Tucker
Sudiksha Rai
Sue-Naina Lalchan
Suhair Najjar
Sumera Durrani
Sumeyye Ozbas
Summer Caton
Summer Craig
Sunday De Los Santos
Surcha Weir
Susanne P. Westerberg
Susanne Roberts
Suzanne Berget
Syarul Azwansyah
Syazlin Sofian
Sydney Furney
Sydney Garrett
Sydni Higbee
Syriana Ramos
T ghost gal
T. Evans
TA Summers
Tabitha Hanson
Tahera Siddiqi
Tamara Canales
Tamiko Nomura
Tamsyn Turner
Tana Mills
Tanya Avendaño Stockler
Tara Lane
Tatiana Piper
Tauleaha Siler
Tawsi Chowdhury
Taylor J. Reynolds
Taylor Jeffrey
Taylor McKnight
Taylor Onski
Taylor Thomas
Tayyaba Jabeen
Tegan walker
Teresa Danielle Duck
Teresa OBrien
Teri Harms
Terrin Owens
Tess Pfister
Tessa Maria Theodore
Tetyana Mohammed
Thais Bogea Guedes Batista
Thaís Duarte S.
Theo Croskey
Theoden Kent
Theresa Jones
Theressa Wall
Thomas Criblez
Thurston Illingworth
Tianna Samuels
Tiara Millan
Tiffany Hansen
Tillie Melendez
Tim Padilla
Tina Chadha
Tina Lawson
Tina Lin
Tina Ngo
Tindra Johansson
Tinne Van Loon
Tiziana Nin
Tobias Ådin
Tom Buckeridge
Tom Butler
Tori Hansen
Tori Miller
Tori Thompson
Torina Caldera
Torisung Seidu
Tracy Krupitzer
Treasure Barrett
Trinidi Zuniga
Tya Louse Smith
Tyara Gonzalez
Tyler Kira
Umama Farrukh
Ursula Garcia
Urzam Gilani
Valentina Barrett
Valeria King Park
Valerie Felizor-Muldrow
Valerie Teunisse
Vanessa Diaz
Vanessa Earls
Vanessa Hinh
Vanessa Krebs
Vanessa Molina
Vanessa Palma
Vanessa Salle
Vasanthy Veera Kumar
Veerle H.
VeraEve Giampietro
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Victoria Stephens
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Vincent U. W. De La Paz
Violeta Ayala
Virginia Harp
Vitória Figueira
Viviana Sanchez
Vivien Pepe
Wayra Morales
Wendy Martinez
Wendy Nolazco
Wendy Shih
Wendy Somaru
Whisper Modgling
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Wilson Seltzer
Winnie Lindstrom
Wren Nehme
Wynnter Pavlich
Xiomara Ortiz
Yadira Terrero Soto
Yalqueiri River
Yana Petrova
Yannie Fygle
Yasmeen Shariff
Yasmine Renaud
Yazmín Cabrera
Ycelsa Paulino
Yen Nguyen
Yesenia Avila
Yesenia Gutierrez
Yohana Meistrell
Yoharis Hernandez
Ysabelle Suarez
Yuko C. Shimomoto
Yulissa Sánchez
Yumna Safi
Yusrah Abdulrazaq
Yvangeliye Evanglina
Yvette Castrellon
Zaakiya Graham
Zach Borders
Zach Foley
Zachary DeSilva
Zachary Edwin Willard
Zachary Lewis
Zachary Periera
Zaheer Khan
Zahra Syed
Zaira Valderrama
Zaynab Khatoun
Ze’ev Shaheen
Zed Gardner
Zeinab Khalil
Zetty Fatimah
Zoe Musolff
Zoona Ali








Every voice matters and makes a difference in ending genocide worldwide.


The sad reality is that we won’t get what we don’t demand from our administration and Congress. Make your voice heard.

Verbiage you can use:

Dear X,

I’m writing to you today to share that I am proudly 1 of 8,000 members of the publishing community that have signed the #KidLit4Ceasefire letter to Biden urging him to take action to demand a permanent and immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank. 

It has come to my attention that you are reviewing a bill that would send billions of taxpayer dollars to continue to fund Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. I am urging you to vote NO on any bill that includes funding to Israel that would directly go against the ICJ and would continue to make the U.S. complicit to genocide. 

Our full letter, which is on its way to President Biden’s office this week with 8,000 signatures, and the 5,650+ names that have agreed to be publicly displayed, can be found here:

We’ve come together as children’s authors, illustrators, agents, editors, and other publishing professionals across the U.S. and beyond who have witnessed the indiscriminate bombing and ground invasions of Gaza by Israeli forces over the last 100+ days. These attacks have resulted in more than 31,000 Palestinians killed. 13,000 of these victims are children of a median reported age of five years old. Thousands more Palestinian children still remain buried in rubble and are unaccounted for. This is an impossible number to comprehend for anyone who honors the sanctity of life.

We are adding our voices to the widespread call from U.S. Congress members, UN General Assembly, WHO, UNICEF, Jewish Voice for Peace, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, The International Committee of the Red Cross, and many other organizations — along with millions of U.S. citizens. As advocates for children, we demand that the President of the United States, along with the U.S. Congress, immediately join the leaders worldwide who are calling for a permanent ceasefire.

(Your Name)